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Elmer Buchta Trucking Professional Driving School

To Qualify For The Program You Must:

1. Be 21 Years of Age or older

2. Have a Valid CDL A or CDL B License or Permit - We recommend an A Permit so the driver could
drive any vehicle we have (Tri-axles, Quads or Tractor/Trailers)

3. Have a Clean (0 Points) Motor Vehicle Report

4. You Have to Sign A Contract and Have it Co-signed by someone other than your
spouse that works full-time ( Signatures Have to be Notarized). This contract
states that you will stay employed with us at least one (1) year from the date of graduation
or you will pay us $4,800 (Four thousand eight hundred) dollars. This $4,800 is not
prorated so if you leave early you will pay the total $4,800 but if you leave after
one (1) year you owe nothing.

This is an eight (8) week training porgram (All training is out of Otwell).

After graduation, we will try to place you to a terminal closest to your home. We
have 6 terminals: Otwell, Petersburg, Cannelburg, Linton, Lamar, & Chandler!

You will be paid $8 (Eight) dollars an hour while being trained. Over 40 hours, you
will be paid $12 (twelve) dollars an hour.

After graduating from the program, you will be paid a percentage (%)
of the tons you haul. We estimate that your pay will range $140-$160 a day.

You can sign up for insurance the first of the month after thirty (30) days
of employment.

If you have a permit, you will be taken to a certified testing site to get your license
sometime during the eight (8) weeks. You have to pay the $136 (one hundred thirty six)
dollar fee (Possible Payroll Deduction) to get your license and we provide the
truck and send a trainer with you.

For Further details, please call 1-877-512-7747 or 1-812-354-6300 and ask for Debbie
(extension 273), Dan (extension 272) or Shannon (extension 261) to answer any
questions you might have.